Upcoming events

November 2017

  • Saturday 4th:  Stephen Inglis Project  plays at Downbeat Lounge
  • Every Tuesday in November:  Seven Sails plays at Kelley O’Neill’s 
  • Friday 17th:  Stevie Space Kadet plays at Jerrys Pizzamill
  • Saturday 25th: Seven Sails plays at O’Toole’s

October 2017

  • Saturday 7th:  Stephen Inglis Project performs at  Downbeat Lounge
  • Tuesday 10th: Stevie Space Kadet performs at O’Tooles
  • Friday 13th:  The Space Kadets play at Downbeat Lounge
  • Saturday 28th: Raised by Wolves play at O’Tooles


September 2017

  • Friday 1st:  The Space Kadets perform at  Ong King
  • Tuesday 12th:  Stevie Space Kadet plays at O’Tooles
  • Friday 22nd: Stevie Space Kadet  plays at Jerrys,  Waialua.
  • Saturday 23rd: Serpico and the Sinners play at Surfer, the Bar at Turtle Bay.
  • Tuesday 26th:  Stevie Space Kadet plays at O’Tooles
  • Friday 29th: The Space Kadets play at  O’Tooles
  • Saturday 30th:  Raised by Wolves play at  O’Tooles

August 2017


  • Saturday 5th:  Raised by Wolves perform at Downbeat Lounge
  • Tuesday 8th:  Stevie Space Kadet  plays O’Tooles
  • Monday 14th: Stephen Inglis Project performs on Monday Night Live at KTUH, Honolulu
  • Monday 21st: The Space Kadets  perform on Monday Night Live at KTUH, Honolulu
  • Tuesday 22nd:  Stevie Space Kadet performs at O’Tooles
  • Friday 25th:  The Space Kadets  perform at Anna O’Briens
  • Saturday 26th: Stephen Inglis Project performs at  Anna O’Briens

July 2017

  • Tuesday 11th: Stevie Space Kadet  plays at  O’Tooles  for the weekly pub sessions.
  • Friday 21st:  Stevie Space Kadet  plays at  Jerry’s Pizzamill  in Waialua.
  • Tuesday 25th:  Stevie Space Kadet  plays at  O’Tooles  for the weekly pub sessions.

June 2017

  • Friday 2nd: The Space Kadets perform at Anna O’Brien’s, with special guests.
  • Friday 9th: Serpico and the Sinners play at Downbeat Lounge for the monthly  1st Friday  Chinatown event.
  • Saturday 10th: Stevie Space Kadet performs solo at Jerry’s Pizzamill in Waialua on the North Shore.
  • Tuesday 13th: Stevie Space Kadet solo at O’Toole’s for the weekly Pub Sessions.
  • Saturday 17th: Serpico and the Sinners perform at the 3rd annual Sailor Jerry’s Festival held in the downtown Honolulu arts district, celebrating the life and tattoo work of this famous character.
  • Wednesday 21st: Raised by Wolves play their debut gig at Kelly O’Neil’s in the heart of Waikiki.
  • Saturday 24th: The Steve Inglis Project plays at Anna O’Brien’s, Honolulu.
  • Tuesday 27th: Stevie Space Kadet plays solo at O’Toole’s, for the weekly Pub Sessions.
  • Friday 30th: Serpico and the Sinners at Downbeat Lounge, and RPG at O’Toole’s.